Subtle Signs You Need To See The Dentist

If you were to develop a toothache or see a black spot on your tooth, you would surely know to call the dentist. These are fairly obvious signs of dental trouble and tooth decay. However, not all signs of dental problems are quite as prominent or noticeable. It's a good idea to remain fairly aware of your overall dental health so you can see the dentist at the first sign of an issue before it snowballs and gets worse. Here are some more subtle signs you should see a dentist. 

Red or sore gums

If your gums ever get red or sore, it might be easy to shrug it off and assume they're just irritated. However, these are actually early signs of gum disease. If allowed to progress, gum disease can eventually lead to lost or loose teeth. It's not that hard to treat in the early stages. Your dentist may do a thorough cleaning and recommend an antibiotic mouth rinse for you to use. If you ignore it, on the other hand, you may eventually need a more intensive treatment, such as a root scaling procedure or gum grafts.

Sensitivity to cold or hot

When you sip something hot or cold, you should not feel a sharp pain or sensation in your teeth. Some people have dealt with this for a while and start to think it is normal. However, it is almost always a sign that you either have a cavity or gum disease. A cavity could be exposing some nerves that are overreacting to the hot or cold products. Or, your gums may have receded to the point that they're leaving some nerve endings at the base of your tooth exposed. Both problems should be addressed by a dentist.

Jaw pain

Does your jaw ever ache? It's easy to blame this on sleeping funny, or maybe on chewing something too chewy. But if jaw pain happens frequently, you really should see the dentist. It can be a sign of abnormalities in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Your dentist can change your bite a little so your teeth line up in a different way, which can take pressure off the jaw and reduce pain. Or, they may make a mouthguard for you to wear at night.

If you are struggling with any of the more subtle signs of dental trouble listed here, make an appointment soon. Your dentist can really help!

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