Correcting Your Dental Alignment Issues With Invisalign Treatments

There are many people that will suffer from alignment problems with their teeth. These problems can result in some considerable cosmetic and functional issues. For a person that is wanting to correct these problems, the use of clear retainers can be an important option for them to consider.

Clear Retainers Can Provide Patients With Flexibility

A reason why many patients will prefer to use clear retainers over traditional braces will be due to the fact that they can have more flexibility about when they are wearing them. This can be useful when a person is needing to remove the retainer, such as when they are having photographs taken or they are needing to speak in front of a group or during an important meeting.

Patients Will Still Need To Get Their Retainers Adjusted

As with traditional braces, it will be necessary to have the retainers adjusted at somewhat regular intervals. This is needed as the teeth respond to the treatment and begin to shift positions in a patient's mouth. For a person that is using a retainer to straighten their teeth, this will likely involve needing to have an entirely new retainer made. As with traditional braces, a patient may feel some tenderness after they have these adjustments made, but this should pass somewhat quickly for most patients.

There Are Limits To The Types Of Problems That Clear Retainers Can Address

Unfortunately, there are some limitations to the effectiveness of retainer-based systems. As a result, it may not be the best solution for some patients. One example of this could be a patient that has a severe problem with the alignment of their bite. For these patients, it may be necessary to use other treatment options to correct the bite problem. Fortunately, it can be possible to utilize clear retainers in conjunction with other treatment options. This may allow patients to have the issues with their bites adjusted while still being able to use clear retainers for correcting the alignment of their teeth.

If you have issues with the alignment of your teeth, choosing orthodontic treatments to correct this problem will need to be an important priority. Clear retainers are capable of providing patients with a treatment option that will be able to correct their alignment problems while avoiding the unsightly cosmetic issues that braces can create. Furthermore, these retainers can also provide a patient with the ability to temporarily remove them so that they can have more control over their appearance at important events.

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