3 Things To Know About Oral Piercings And Your Oral Health

While many teens and adults are choosing to get oral piercings, there are some problems these piercings can lead to in a person's mouth. If you currently have an oral piercing, it's important to understand the risks these have for your oral health, and here are several things you should know about oral piercings and your oral health.

They can cause infections

An oral piercing requires placing a hole in your mouth in a location wherever the piercing will be. This could be your tongue, cheek, lip, or other spot in your mouth, depending on the type of piercing you choose. One of the problems with placing a hole in your mouth is that you are opening up your body, and this places you at a higher risk for developing an infection in your mouth. When you get the piercing, you will be given instructions for caring for it; however, you may still end up with an infection even if you follow the instructions. An infection in your mouth can be painful and can damage your teeth or gums, so you should consider this before you get an oral piercing.

They can damage your teeth

Secondly, oral piercings can end up causing damage to your teeth. For example, if you have an oral piercing and are constantly biting on it with your teeth, you could crack your teeth at some point. Oral piercings can also rub against teeth to the point where they cause the enamel to wear off. People with oral piercings have a much higher chance of ending up with a cracked or broken tooth than people who do not have oral piercings.

They can interfere with your speech or eating habits

The other thing you should consider is that oral piercings can interfere with normal parts of life, including your speech and eating habits. When you have a foreign object in your mouth at all times, it could cause you to not be able to enunciate sounds properly, or it could get in the way while you are chewing food. These are all very important things to consider before you choose to get an oral piercing.

If you really want an oral piercing, you will need to make sure you take care of it properly if you want to prevent these types of issues from happening. If you have questions about this, contact a dental clinic to schedule a visit with a dental clinic such as Centre Family Dentistry.