Dealing With A Child's Yellow Teeth

If your child has yellow teeth, then staining may not be the root cause. Unless you allow your child to continuously eat a lot of things that stain their teeth and don't get them to brush their teeth, there is probably a more serious reason for this discoloration. You can learn about some of the possible causes of yellow teeth, as well as learn about some of the ways to go about treating them, by reading the information provided here.

Certain medications may be the cause of your child's yellow teeth

Some medications are not good to take when you are pregnant as they can cause issues with the developing fetus's teeth that can cause them to become yellow. Also, there are some medications, such as certain antibiotics, that can cause yellowing to the teeth that your child may have taken in the past. You should always read all the side effects of any medication before dispensing it to yourself or your child. Your doctor may not always know all of the possible side effects off the top of their head.

Certain medical conditions can cause yellow teeth

Sometimes yellow teeth can be caused from certain medical conditions. These conditions can be genetic or they can occur for an unknown reason. One example of a medical condition known to cause yellow teeth is a condition called enamel hypoplasia. This condition causes a person's enamel to be much thinner than normal. Many times a person with this condition will have softer teeth due to not having those extra layers of protective enamel.

How your child's yellow teeth can be corrected

A good way to have your child's teeth corrected so they can have a white smile is to have porcelain veneers put on their teeth. Your pediatric dentist will tell you how old they should be in order to get veneers. You'll want to wait until their adult teeth are done growing in first. The dentist will grind some of their teeth down to make room for veneers. Then, they will put them permanently in place with a strong bonding glue. Veneers can come in much whiter colors, so your child will walk out of the office with a brand new white smile they can be proud of. It's important to understand that veneers are permanent, strong and natural looking. However, they will also be able to be stained if your child doesn't make sure to do their part to prevent this from happening by avoiding the wrong foods and by brushing their teeth as they should.