Taking Your Hyperactive Child To The Dentist

If you have a hyperactive child, then you may shy away from doing certain things with them. For example, a lot of parents of hyperactive children tend to put off taking them to the movie theater until they are old enough to better control their impulses. However, there are some things that you won't be able to put off, such as taking your child to the dentist. So, you should consider following the tips provided in this article if you are going to be taking your hyperactive child to the dentist anytime soon. These tips will help you to have a much easier time.

Set the appointment at the right time for your child

The chances are good that you have come to know your child's daily schedule and moods by now. This will make it easier for you to know when you should set their appointment. If your child has the most energy in the middle of the day, then you will want to be sure you don't set their dental appointment for those hours. If you aren't sure what would be the best time for your child as far as their behavior, then the best thing to do is to set the appointment for the time of day when they will be in and out of the office as quickly as possible. First thing in the morning and right after the staff returns from lunch should prove to be the best times.

Bring a quiet game to play with your child

Don't make the mistake of thinking bringing just any game for your child will work. A child who is dealing with hyperactive issues probably won't be content to play by themselves in a boring waiting room. Also, they probably aren't going to sit quietly down and watch a DVD player. Instead, you want to bring a game that's going to not only interest them, but also challenge them. A game that you will play with them will be good. Consider bringing a card game or a game where a lot of strategy comes in to play.

Don't micromanage your child

You can reduce a lot of your stress and your child's stress by not trying to make them be perfect. Remember that the dentist's office has seen hyperactive children before. So, lighten up and allow your child to let off a little steam if it happens. While you don't want to allow them to rearrange the furniture, you also don't want to get after them for little things.

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