It S Important To Properly Care For Your New Braces

If you are going to be going in to get braces then learning some tips for caring for them can make it easier to get used to wearing them and make the experience a more comfortable one. While you can expect those first few days to be uncomfortable, there are still ways to make them more tolerable. This article will help you to get through the first few days and the rest of the time you have to wear braces so you can get your teeth straighter without a lot of problems.

Use anti-inflammatories

When you first have braces put on your teeth, it may lead to irritated gums and taking an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory can help reduce the irritation. Remember to take anti-inflammatories with food so you don't experience an upset stomach.  

Introduce foods slowly back into your diet

When you first get braces on, you should start with liquid foods, such as shakes. Then, you can introduce soft foods like yogurt and pudding. From there, you can move to sandwiches and then foods with more texture. You want to move at a pace that works for you and not try introducing harder foods too soon or you can end up needlessly suffering.

Use the dental wax provided by your dentist

After you have the braces put on, the dental office will supply you with an aftercare kit. The kit will include instructions you want to follow completely and dental wax. Put the wax on any area of the braces that you feel rubbing against the inside of your mouth or your tongue. The wax will provide a safe barrier that will prevent the braces from causing sores and irritation.

Keep your teeth and the braces as clean as possible

When you wear braces it's very important for you to keep them clean. You should carry a dental travel kit with you so you can brush your teeth and floss after every meal, even when you eat out. Otherwise, bacteria and plaque can get trapped between the braces and cause you to develop bad breath and cavities.

Never eat certain foods

Some foods will put your braces at risk of being broken or damaged. Chewing on ice, eating hard nuts and eating hard tortilla chips are a few examples of things that can cause the wires on your braces to break.

By taking care of your braces the way you should, you can prevent problems that can lead to you needing the braces to be repaired.