2 Dental Rinses To Help Extend The Life-Expectancy Of Your Dental Bridge

A number of missing teeth can lead to numerous functionality issues with your mouth and teeth. Missing teeth can disrupt your natural smile and bite. In addition, these teeth can cause other teeth to grow in crooked. As a result, a dental bridge is often a good solution to this problem. It will not only fill in the gaps, but it will help to promote the health of your additional teeth. Once your dentist installs your dental bridge, it needs to be maintained and cleaned carefully. A dental bridge is not designed to last forever, but with proper care they can last a long time. Adding dental rinses to your oral care routine can help to extend the life-expectancy of your dental bridge.

Purple Cornflower Rinse

Purple cornflower helps to combat bacteria and infection by strengthening the cells in your system. This helps to create an environment that is not conducive to bacterial growth. Immediately after your dental bridge is installed, it is important to keep the area as bacteria free as possible. The buildup of plaque and bacteria can cause your dental bridge to fail. You can create a purple cornflower rinse by steeping purple cornflower in hot water for a few minutes. Once done, the rinse can be used to clean your mouth and around the dental bridge. The rinse should be used in the morning and night in order to get the best results.

Lemon Mint Rinse

Lemon works slightly differently than purple cornflower when trying to fight off bacteria and infection. While purple cornflower indirectly combats infection, lemon attacks the bacteria cells head on. The citrus fruit contains antibacterial properties that are effective in killing off bacteria. Therefore, you can frequently find the fruit listed as an ingredient for flu and cough medicine. In addition, using a rinse that contains mint will help to promote healing and kill off bacteria growth. You can create a homemade lemon mint rinse by steeping fresh mint in a pot of hot water. Allow the mixture to sit until the water is no longer clear. Add fresh lemon juice from a whole lemon to the mixture and let it sit for an additional few minutes. In order to get the best results, drink the mixture following each meal.  

The life expectancy of your dental bridge relies heavily on how clean it is kept. Therefore, use these dental rinses to help keep your dental bridge in working condition. Contact a business, such as MyoTech Dental & Implant Center, if you need a bridge.