Talking Your Spouse Into Seeing The Dentist

If your spouse hasn't gone to the dentist in years, you might need to step in and help foster this decision. There can be many factors that might be keeping your spouse from the dentist such as cost, fear, or time. If you can free up their reasoning for avoiding the dentist, your spouse may be more apt to get themselves back into a dental routine. Here are four things you might want to bring to the table to try to get your spouse to visit the dentist.

1. New Dental Techniques

Your spouse may be afraid of procedures or past experiences. Make sure to discuss with them new pain management techniques and procedures that have gotten more advanced over time. Laser drills can reduce pain and invasiveness of procedures and new topical anesthetics can help with pain management.

2. Reviewing Payment Options

If your spouse is the breadwinner and money is tight, they might be reluctant to go to the dentist and sign on for expensive procedures because of costs. If you can source payment plans or pre-tax options, this might help change their mind. Urge them that the longer they wait, the more costly care will be.

3. Finding the Right Dentist

If your spouse had bad dental experiences in the past, it may be time to make a fresh start and find a new dentist. Help find a dentist that works with anxious patients or with patients who may need extensive work that your spouse can meet with first and see if they click. Remind your spouse that they are in control and can meet with as many dentists as needed to find the right fit.

4. Streamlining the Process

If your spouse is just too busy to set up an appointment and get themselves to the dentist, make this easier by facilitating the process. Go ahead and clear their schedule and make the appointment yourself. Find a dentist that will meet after hours or on the weekends if this will help. Offer to drive them to and from their appointment and be there to support them. Sometimes taking away excuses is all that is needed to get your spouse to the dentist.

Helping your spouse overcome their hang ups when it comes to visiting the dentist can ensure that their dental health gets back on track. Try your best to pinpoint what is causing them to avoid the dentist and then work to clear this roadblock. Dental health is important, so do what you can to help your spouse get back into a dental care routine. For assistance, talk to a general dentist like Arrowhead Family Dentistry.