Eyes, Ears And Teeth: All Should Be Inspected Before Preschool

If your growing toddler is ready to start preschool, it's important to make sure their smile, hearing and vision are ready as well. All of these things can affect how they are able to learn and progress, so you should see the necessary medical professionals before they start school.

There are a lot of things that can affect speech, recognition, and your child's ability to learn and socialize, so you want to make sure everything is fine, and some schools will require screenings. You need to schedule appointments for your child to see a dentist, to get their hearing tested, and to have their vision screened.

Dental Professional

Your child needs to see a dentist to make sure they don't have any oral problems that may affect their speech. Crooked teeth can hinder how the tongue is able to pronounce words, which can cause your child to have a lisp or other speech problems. The development of their mouth pallet can also affect speech, so it's important the dentist checks for these developmental problems.

Hearing Screening

There are many signs that parents miss that imply a hearing problem, like loud talking, limited attention span and more. If your child can't hear clearly, they won't learn to speak properly, and they may have trouble communicating and learning. A simple hearing test should be performed before they go to school so you can make sure things are clear, and that they don't need tubes in their ears.

Vision Testing and Exam

It can be difficult to tell if your child is seeing well at a young age, since they don't know what seeing clearly means to tell you. A vision test will show you if they are seeing unclearly, which can lead to intellectual and educational delays. You don't want to hinder their ability to learn and prepare for kindergarten, by neglecting to get their eyes checked by an optometrist.

When your children are young and they aren't old enough to tell you what they want or need, you need to be able to catch health concerns. Taking your child to the right medical professionals for all of the necessary tests and screenings allows you to help them with their development. You don't want your child to struggle to socialize and learn new concepts like other children their age, because they aren't able to see, hear, or speak clearly because of a medical problem.