The Top Questions To Ask The Children's Dentist

What questions should you ask a children's dentist during your preschooler's next checkup and cleaning? Take a look at what parents need to know about pediatric dentistry, mouth health, oral injuries, and more.

Is It Important To Visit the Kids' Dentist?

Yes, it is important for your child to visit the dentist regularly. Your child's dentist can explain the benefits of regular checkups and cleanings, such as improved oral health, reduced risk of infection, and the ability to spot cavities or other issues before they go from minor issues to major problems.

How Often Should Children Visit the Dentist?

Most children need a checkup and cleaning every six months. But this schedule won't work equally as well for every child. Some kids have special dental needs. If your child is at risk for cavities, has a history of a serious oral injury, has gum disease, or has some type of dental or medical condition, the dentist may need to see them more often.

Even though some issues can make it necessary to increase the regular checkup schedule, this change is often temporary. After your child gets back on track and the dentist sees improvements in their dental or periodontal (gum) health, they may relax the checkup and cleaning schedule.

When Should A Child's Baby Teeth Fall Out?

Has your child started losing their baby teeth? Are you wondering when this process will begin or end? According to the American Dental Association (ADA), many children will shed (or lose) their first teeth between ages six and seven. The ADA notes that by 21, most people have all of their permanent teeth.

Even though there is a typical or expected pattern of tooth loss and tooth eruption, some children will shed their teeth at a somewhat different rate. This means it's possible that your child could lose their first baby teeth before they are six years old or it could take longer before their permanent teeth are ready to come in. Traumatic injuries, decay, and genetics can impact when your child's baby teeth fall out and the order in which they lose these teeth.

If you have concerns about your child losing their teeth too early or too late, talk to the pediatric dentist. The dentist can help you to understand the expected tooth loss pattern and explain why your child may not fit into a typical progression.

What Should You Do About A Dental Injury?

You don't need to wait until your child has an injury to ask the dentist this question. It's impossible to predict when your child could crack, chip, or break a tooth. The more information you have about handling a dental issue, the better able you are to help your child in the event of an accident or other type of injury.

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