4 Compelling Reasons To Consider Invisalign

You don't have to struggle with low self-esteem due to dental issues in the modern world since tons of cosmetic solutions are readily available in the market. Cosmetic dentist focuses on improving patients' smiles by fixing dental issues such as aligning crooked teeth. If you have been wondering whether to choose braces or Invisalign when preparing to align your teeth, you are at the right place. Below are some benefits of choosing Invisalign.

1. Easier to Maintain Oral Hygiene

Invisalign trays are removable. Your orthodontist will recommend removing them when eating and brushing your teeth. On the other hand, braces are permanent throughout the treatment period. The intertwined wires and strongly attached brackets make it hard for users to maneuver with toothbrushes and dental floss. This makes maintaining oral hygiene challenging.

With Invisalign, you can keep up with high dental hygiene. Gently wash the inner sides of your aligner to prevent bacteria build-up and maintain regular oral hygiene to keep the stains and cavities at bay.

2. Continue With Your Regular Dietary Habits

Once you start your braces journey, the dentist will ask you to avoid certain foods. For example, will be required to avoid steak and hard nuts. You might need to cut apples, carrots, and crisps into tiny bite-sized portions to avoid ruining your brackets.

However, it is different when you choose Invisalign. You can continue eating and drinking whatever you like with Invisalign. You can simply remove your trays before taking meals, rinse your mouth, and fix them back.

3. Hard to Notice

The smile is an obvious feature on everyone's face. Metal braces can't go undetectable. Modern ceramic braces might remain invisible, but nothing remains close to maintaining anonymity like Invisalign. If you are image-conscious and would like to hide the orthodontic journey from the public, here's your chance. Invisalign trays are made of clear plastic materials that are hard to notice.

4. Comfort

You have probably heard your friends with braces complaining of sores on the inner cheeks, especially immediately after installation and adjustments. This is because the wires are notorious for poking the soft, tender tissues of the inner cheeks. This triggers discomfort and minor inflammation that usually subsides after a while.

Invisible braces, such as Invisalign, offer improved comfort. The trays are made from medical-grade plastic whose surfaces are polished to guarantee comfort. There are no wires and sores, making your alignment journey smooth and painless.

You don't have to continue living with crooked teeth any longer. Make the bold decision to install Invisalign and start your journey to achieving a better smile. Schedule an appointment with your orthodontist today for an examination and more information.