Considering Teeth Whitening? You May Have The Following Four Questions

Do you want to have whiter teeth and are considering professional teeth whitening to do it? If so, you likely have some questions about teeth whitening before you move forward.

Is One Form Of Teeth Whitening Better Than The Other? 

If you are debating between using laser whitening and gel trays, you may be wondering if one technique is better than the other. Both techniques are capable of whitening your teeth the same amount. However, the only difference is the speed. Laser whitening is going to have instant results, while gel trays are going to be gradual and gentler at getting there.

That said, you'll find that the over-the-counter whitening solutions are not going to work as well as the whitening methods performed by a cosmetic dentist. For example, whitening strips use a very low concentration of hydrogen peroxide when you compare them to the gel used in professional whitening trays.

Will Your Teeth Stay White Forever? 

Be aware that the whitening process is not going to last forever, even if it does last a long enough time to make it worth it. As you go back to eating all of the foods that you love, you will notice that your teeth will change a shade or two over time. The only way to keep your teeth white for as long as possible is to make changes to your diet by eliminating foods that can cause teeth staining. This includes dark beverages, food with dark food coloring, and things of that nature. 

Is Whitening The Best Way To Remove Stains?

If you want to correct stains that are on your teeth, you may be better off visiting a dentist to have your teeth thoroughly cleaned with scaling and polishing. That's because a professional cleaning is going to get rid of the extrinsic stains located on the outside of your teeth, which are the stains that form based on your lifestyle and what you eat. 

Will Your Fillings Change Color During A Whitening Procedure?

If you have a filling that was made to match the existing color of your teeth, know that a teeth whitening procedure is not going to change the color of the filling material. Your natural enamel is the only thing that is going to change color from whitening. Your dentist may need to alter the color of a filling to make it match your teeth.

Make an appointment at a cosmetic dentistry if you think it's the right choice for you.