The Effects Of Not Getting A Cavity Removed And Filled

A cavity is a word that dentists use to describe decay found on a tooth. Any amount of decay results in a cavity, and having a cavity is not good for your tooth. When you have a cavity, it is important for you to schedule an appointment to have a dentist remove and fill it. If you do not follow through with this and decide to leave the cavity untreated, it can cause a lot of negative effects and consequences. Here are some of the consequences and effects of not getting a cavity removed and filled:

It will consume more of your tooth structure

Decay on a tooth occurs when acids eat away at the structure of a tooth, and while decay may begin as just a small speckle on a tooth, it will not stay that way. If acids start eating away at a little part of your tooth, they will continue eating away at more of the tooth. Decay does not typically just stop forming. Instead, it tends to grow and spread, and this is the number one reason you should not ignore a cavity if you have one.

It will cause an infection in the tooth roots

As the decay eats away at your tooth's structure, it may get so deep into the tooth that it reaches the roots of the tooth. If this happens, you can no longer fix the problem by getting a filling. Instead, you would need to have it fixed by getting a root canal. Root canals are time consuming and costly, and you can avoid them in most cases with proper treatment.

You might develop a bad toothache

If you end up with an infection in your tooth roots, you will likely begin experiencing a very painful toothache. Toothaches generally require a visit to the dentist to find relief.

You could lose the tooth

It is also important to know that leaving a cavity alone in your mouth may cause you to lose the entire tooth. As the decay spreads, it could end up consuming your entire tooth, or it may leave your tooth at a point where a dentist cannot do anything to save it. If you do not want to lose your teeth, make sure you get your cavities treated promptly. If you do not lose the tooth, you would likely need a dental crown to cover it and to give it strength and protection.

When you find out that you have a cavity, you should get it treated quickly. By treating it, you can avoid many negative consequences. To set up an appointment for services, call a dentist today. Dental professionals like those at Four Corners Dental Group can offer more information.