Three Types Of Misshapen Teeth That Dental Veneers Can Fix

People often use dental veneers to fix teeth that have become chipped or to address large gaps between teeth. This versatile dental procedure, however, can be beneficial for those who are facing other types of dental issues. One situation that some people deal with is misshapen teeth. These teeth may especially be visible if they're on your upper jaw, and you may feel self-conscious about smiling widely if you're nervous about people seeing these teeth. It's a good idea to bring this issue to your cosmetic dentist's attention. There's a considerable chance that he or she will recommend dental veneers to correct these issues. Here are three types of misshapen teeth that you may have.

Pointed Teeth

Most peoples' teeth are flat or slightly rounded across the edge, but some people occasionally have teeth that are pointed. As a child, you might have had people poke fun at these teeth — perhaps likening them to "fangs," — and this could leave you feeling upset about their appearance, even decades later. A pointed tooth generally works fine and doesn't need correction from a functional perspective, but if you aren't happy about the shape of this tooth, a dental veneer can give it a new surface in a more conventional shape.

Small Teeth

Some people also deal with a tooth that is considerably smaller than those around it. The result will not only be a gap on each side of the tooth, but you may also feel self-conscious about how small the tooth looks — especially when the rest of your teeth are of an average size. A dental veneer can dramatically improve the look of this part of your mouth by covering the tooth to give it a size that is consistent with those around it. This will also result in the removal of the large gap that used to exist on each side of the tooth.

Twisted Teeth

If some of your teeth have come in twisted, your dentist might recommend visiting and orthodontist for braces. However, if you lack the budget to spend on straightening your teeth, or you perhaps don't like the idea of wearing braces for a specific reason, you might forgo this appointment. This can leave you with one or more twisted teeth, and they may bother you when you see them in the mirror. Dental veneers can also be helpful for correcting this visual issue by giving the tooth a straighter-looking surface.

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