Looking To Naturally Whiten Your Teeth? Everything You Need To Know About Koalin Clay

There are many products out there that can be used to whiten your teeth. However, many of these products contain bleach or peroxide, both of which can erode away the enamel of your teeth if used too frequently. They can also be painful to those with sensitive teeth or gums. If you are looking to whiten your teeth and avoid these products, you may have heard about using koalin clay as a whitening agent. Here is everything you should know about koalin clay and whitening your teeth. 

What is Koalin Clay?

Koalin clay, also referred to as white cosmetic clay, is a mineral based clay that has high amounts of the minerals calcium, magnesium and silica. It has been used in the cosmetic industry for a long time in products such as face masks, hair products and make-up. This clay is popular because it is highly absorbent. It can absorb oil in the face and hair and it has anti-bacterial properties. Koalin clay is currently becoming trendy as a teeth whitening agent. 

How Do You Use Koalin Clay to Whiten Your Teeth? 

The first step to whitening your teeth with koalin clay is to purchase the right clay. Koalin clay is sold as a cosmetic grade powder and a food grade powder. Since it is going in your mouth, select the food grade powder. 

The next step is to mix equal parts water and clay powder until it forms a paste-like consistency. Then add a generous amount to your toothbrush and brush your teeth as you normally would. Continue brushing for two to four minutes and then rinse well to remove the residue. 

Repeat this process every other day until stains lifts and once weekly when your teeth are at your desired white level. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Koalin Clay to Whiten Your Teeth? 

The biggest benefit to using koalin clay to whiten your teeth is that it will not harm your enamel. Another major benefit is that the minerals in koalin clay have been shown to help remineralize your teeth, which can help to strengthen them, in addition to whitening them. Lastly, koalin clay is effective at lifting stains that other home treatments may not, due to its gritty, abrasive texture. 

Koalin clay is one of the many products that you can use to attempt to whiten your teeth at home. However, it is important to understand that some stains will not lift with home remedies or products. If your teeth are heavily stained, or you have tried home whitening treatments without success, consult with your dentist or periodontist. They offer in-office whitening treatments that they oversee to help your teeth reach their whitest level without damaging the enamel.