Denture Options That Don't Move About As You Speak Or Eat

If you are interested in replacing a large number of missing teeth, you may be considering dentures. However, dentures are sometimes uncomfortable because of their tendency to move about or slip when the wearer is eating or speaking. Thus, you may wonder if dentures or similar teeth-replacement appliances are even suitable options for you. Still, even though traditional dentures are held in place by the suction of your mouth. Some denture options allow you the benefit of beautiful replacement teeth without any shifting or moving about. Here are some of these options:

All on Four

The name of this device is due to the support of the prosthetic appliance on four dental implants. Dental implants are strategically positioned in the mouth and connected to the false teeth using screws. The attachment is considered permanent, so you cannot remove the all-on-four prosthesis. Instead, you would treat it as you would natural teeth, brushing the appliance regularly to keep it clean and free of plaque.

The installation of the all-on-four prosthetic is usually performed in a single day. However, for greatest stabilization, the implants are sometimes installed months before the false teeth are placed, so the that the implants can be fully stabilized within the jawbone for the greatest amount of support.

After a dental implant is installed, it requires several months of healing to fully connect to the bone. The process of the jawbone fusing with the dental implant is called osseointegration, and once it is complete, the implants offer the same amount of stabilizing force as a natural tooth would.

Removable Dentures That Are Implant-Supported 

Existing or new removable dentures can also be implant-supported. The dentures are fitted with a special connecting appliance on their underside to attach them to dental implants for stabilization. However, the mechanism can be unlatched by the wearer, so the dentures can still be removed when desired.

As a result, the dentures can be taken out for cleaning or rinsing as needed. The appliance can be stored in a container of liquid outside of the mouth and left in a cleaning solution overnight before re-installation in the morning. 

Once the dentures connect to the underlying dental implants, the prosthetic teeth remain in place securely.

To learn more about dentures and their associated options, schedule an appointment with a dentist in your area. He or she can assess your needs to recommend the most suitable teeth-replacement appliance for you. For more information, contact a business such as Cloverleaf Dental Center.