Three Ingenious Reasons To Get Your Child Braces Right Before College

A child heading off to college is an anxious time for you and your child. No matter if they are going away, or if they are staying close to home, going to college is one of the biggest steps towards independence for many teens. If you want to make sure that your child stays healthy and keeps good oral hygiene habits while away, you can hold off on getting them braces until they are heading to college. Here are three reasons to get your child braces before college. 

They have to go to their appointments

In order for braces to actually fix teeth, your child must go to their orthodontist appointments. In order to keep their teeth and braces in good condition, they must also continue to see their dentist. If you get braces for your child after they graduate high school and head to college, they will have to go to their appointments. Teaching your child to keep up with their physical wellness away from home is easier when they have a reason. 

They will come home for dental visits

Most people will go to see their family dentist two to three times a year, depending on their cleaning schedule and if they have any other oral issues. If your child has to come to see their family dentist for the cleanings that you pay for, this is a good enough reason to persuade your child to come home for the holidays and for school breaks. This means that you will have a reason to have family time when your child gets time off from their school schedule. 

They must be careful with their diet

If you are concerned about your student completely forgoing their physical health for an unhealthy diet, braces can help with this issue. Many students who go away to college gain the freshman 15 due to eating unhealthy foods and not having parents around to cook for them or regulate their diet any longer. If your child has braces, movie popcorn, candy in friends dorm rooms, and other sticky choices that can get stuck to braces become less appealing. If your student gets clear braces, they will have to be extra vigilant to make sure that the braces do not become discolored due to artificial food dyes. Getting braces for your college freshman gives them a reason to watch what they consume and remain in the good condition that you sent them off in.