Foods You Should And Shouldn't Eat For Your Oral Health

Diet plays an important role in caring for your teeth. Although you might be aware that diet is important to weight management and overall health, the food that you eat can affect your oral health as well. Here are some things that you should and shouldn't eat for your oral health.

Avoid Drinking Soda

Soda is full of sugar and dyes. This means that every time you drink soda your teeth are exposed to dangerous acids and dyes that can rot the teeth and cause discoloration. If you do choose to drink soda, make sure you drink it from a straw. This will help to prevent your teeth from being exposed to the dangerous liquid.

Drink Water

You should be drinking more water. Water is important to every aspect of your health, and it will protect your teeth as well. Water is great because it will neutralize your teeth. After every meal or snack, you will have acid and sugars sitting on your teeth. If they stay on for a long period of time, this acid will cause the teeth to rot. By drinking water after you eat or drink anything, it will swish away the dangerous particles and will cleanse the teeth.

Conversely, when you drink water, try not to use a straw so that it will touch every part of the teeth and gums.

Eat More Carrots and Apples

Foods like carrots and apples are great for the teeth. The texture of these foods can clean off the teeth and act as a type of toothbrush. If you have an apple or carrots with your meal, wait till the end to eat it. It will help to clear all the residue from your teeth.

Avoid Eating Jerky and Other Tough Meats

Jerky can be dangerous for the teeth because small particles can easily get caught between the teeth. In attempts to fully chew the meat, you get traces of the meat caught in the crevices that can sit in the teeth for hours. Cavities can easily grow in between teeth so having food caught in there can be dangerous.

If you do choose to eat these foods, make sure that you have a toothpick or some dental floss present. This will help you to immediately remove any leftover food that might have gotten stuck.

By knowing what foods you should and shouldn't eat, you can better protect your teeth and stay healthy. 

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