3 Things You Need To Know About Caring For Your Toothbrush

Caring for your toothbrush is an important part of keeping your teeth clean and healthy. Everyone knows how important it is to brush their teeth, but what they may not understand is that if they don't care for their toothbrush correctly, they could be creating more problems for their health and teeth by transferring bacteria from their brush onto their teeth. Here are some things you need to know about keeping your toothbrush clean.

1. Always Store It Out In The Open

Although you may want to keep your tooth brush out of sight, it should never be stored in a drawer or a cupboard where it is not out in the open air. When your toothbrush dries after each use, you need to make sure that is dries as fast as possible; this will help to kill the bacteria.

The bacteria on your toothbrush thrive when it is moist; this is why if you put it in a case or a drawer where it can't air dry quickly, you are more likely to keep the bacteria on it. Thus, keep it out where it can air dry quickly.

2. Store The Toothbrush Upright

Another mistake that people make is storing their toothbrush flat. The water needs to run down the brush so that the bacterium doesn't stay on the bristles. If you lie your brush flat after you use it, even if it is out in the open, the bacteria will stay on the brushes and simply be put back on your teeth the next time you use it.

Instead, have a cup or brush holder by the sink and right after you rinse it, make sure it is upright so the water can drip down to the handle. 

3. Use Antibacterial Solution To Clean The Brush

Every so often, you should clean your brush. This can be done by soaking the brush in some sort of antibacterial solution. For example, if you have mouthwash, you can simply pour some into a glass and turn the brush upside down and let the bristles soak for some time. You can also use hydrogen peroxide if you have that on hand.

In the past, some people would put their brushes in the dishwasher. Although this will kill bacteria, it will also damage the bristles. Damaged bristles will be ineffective and will not be able to adequately clean the teeth. 

By doing these simple things, you can keep your toothbrush clean and your teeth healthy. Contact a company like Drs. Phipps, Levin, Hebeka, & Associates Ltd. for more information.