Dental Crowns: Common Concerns Addressed

There are a variety of dental procedures that you may need to have done to you teeth over the course of your life, and receiving a dental crown is one of the more routine needs that patients will encounter. Unfortunately, if you are needing your first crown, there is a strong chance that you are unsure of what to expect from this procedure. However, the following two answers to common questions should help to give you a clearer understanding of this process.  

What Is The Procedure For Getting A Crown Like?

You may think that getting a crown will be extremely painful, but this is actually not the case at all. In fact, receiving a crown is usually no more uncomfortable than having a cavity filled. The first step in the process is for your dentist to remove the diseased or damaged portion of the tooth by filing it down. In some extreme cases, enough will need to be removed to dramatically change the shape of the tooth. When this happens you dentist will likely use porcelain to sculpt the tooth back into a normal shape to reduce any impacts on your bite or ability to speak. 

Once the tooth has been prepared, the dentist will make a mold of it and the surrounding teeth. This mold is used to create your permanent crown in a way that ensure it fits comfortably and naturally in the mouth. The crown may take several weeks to be completed, and a temporary one is put in place to protect the tooth until the permanent one is ready. 

Are There Special Care Instructions For Your Temporary Crown?

Unfortunately, your temporary crown will be more susceptible to damage than your permanent one, and you will need to take steps to help it avoid damage. Generally, you should try to chew on the opposite side of the mouth from the crown. 

Also, you should avoid any foods that are extremely sticky or hard. Sticky foods can actually pull the temporary crown off of the tooth and hard foods may crack it. While this may be inconvenient, it is a small price to pay to avoid the painful problem of a temporary crown coming loose. 

Receiving a dental crown is a procedure that many people will have to undergo during their lives. However, you may be uncertain about what to expect from this process, which can lead to stress and anxiety. Lucky, know how this procedure will be done and how you should care for your temporary crown should help you better understand what to expect. Contact a local dentist, such as one from HP Family Dental, for further assistance.