Missing Teeth From Periodontal Disease: How Dental Implants Can Replace Them

Is your smile all gums due to losing your teeth from periodontal disease? You may be able to get dental implants to replace the missing teeth, but bone grafting might have to be done first. In this article, find out how a dentist can give you teeth with dental implants that look like they are natural.

How Can Dental Implants Replace Missing Teeth from Periodontal Disease?

Due to your teeth falling out from periodontal disease, it is possible that your jawbones are weak. The problem with weak jawbones is that they are not good enough to hold dental implants in place. To fix the problem, a dentist can perform a procedure called bone grafting to replace the weak jawbones. Basically, the weak jawbones will be replaced with artificial bone by way of surgery. If there is any healthy jawbone left in areas of your mouth, it can also be used in areas of the gums that need it for dental implants.

Before dental implants are installed, the dentist will have to place metal posts in your jawbones. A dental drill will be used to create holes for the posts. The next part of the process is for abutments to be attached to the metal posts. The abutments will create an extension from your gums for dental implants to be attached to. Once all of the implants are attached to the abutments, the procedure will be done.

Keep in mind that you will have the option of choosing how white the dental implants will be. You can get them bright white or in a duller white that appears more natural. You will be able to eat with your implants without a big difference from natural teeth. The implants will be permanent and cannot get stained, but you must still brush to keep them clean. Brushing will also keep your gums in good shape.

What is the Average Price of Dental Implants with Bone Grafting?

You are looking to spend up to $10,000 plus for dental implants and bone grafting. Your dental insurance may cover a portion of the expenses, such as for bone grafting. The dental implants are cosmetic and will have to be paid for out of pocket.

Your gummy smile will be no more after you undergo the dental implant procedure. Make an appointment with a dentist so he or she can examine your mouth and get the process started! To learn more, speak with someone from a company like The Center For Progressive Dentistry.