Key Facts About Lingual Braces For Adults

Many people think of dental braces as a therapy best suited to children or teenagers, but they are an effective solution for adults with misaligned teeth as well. If you are an adult who requires braces, you have several types from which to choose. In addition to the traditional metal braces attached to the front of your teeth, lingual braces, which are attached to the back of your teeth, are also offered by many dentists. Here are some of the key facts about this type of brace.


Perhaps the main advantage of lingual braces compared to traditional braces is that they are not clearly visible to others. Because they fit on the back of your teeth, most people cannot see them when you open your mouth to speak. If you are in a profession where your appearance is crucial, or if you simply don't want anyone to know that you are wearing an oral appliance, lingual braces make an effective solution.


Generally, anyone who is a good candidate for traditional metal braces will be able to wear lingual braces. A few exceptions, however, do exist. Lingual braces may not be the best option for people with very small teeth or certain types of bite problems. Fortunately, these situations are the exception, not the rule. For most patients, lingual braces will work fine.


Clear aligners are an important alternative to lingual braces. Like lingual braces, they are much less visible to others, which many patients find desirable. Aligners, however, are often not the best option for those who have more complex dental disorders, such as altering the height of teeth or narrowing the gap between extracted teeth. For these situations, lingual braces make the better choice.


Some patients have concerns about lingual braces interfering with their speech or with eating. These problems are usually not long-lasting and typically resolve themselves within a short period of time. Most patients report that after getting used to wearing lingual braces, they are able to talk and eat as they would normally.


To make sure that no particles get caught in your lingual braces, focus on the back of your teeth when you brush. A good idea is to use an electric toothbrush, which will help facilitate the process.

Lingual braces are a great option for those adults who worry about traditional braces affecting their appearance. For further information on this important topic, make an appointment with your local dentist.